Wholesale Hi-Vis Workwear

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer ANSI Compliant Wholesale Workwear?

We offer non-ANSI clothing, ANSI class 2 wholesale safety clothing, class 3 workwear, and ANSI 107 Type R, Class E workwear. We have many ANSI wholesale clothing options, including wholesale hi vis shirts in bulk, safety work shirts, gear, pants, jackets, and safety vests.

What Colors Are Available for Your Wholesale Hi Vis Workwear?

Reflective Apparel offers the following wholesale hi-vis workwear colors: lime / yellow, orange, black bottom, and black. For our high visibility gear such as hats and accessories, we offer orange, lime / yellow, and white. You can filter our work shirts and clothing by color on the filter menu to the left of the product catalog.

Do You Offer Big and Tall Sizes For Wholesale Reflective Clothing?

Yes, we offer a variety of size options including the following sizes: extra small, small, regular, medium size, large size, extra large, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL, 7XL, 8XL, 9XL, and more. You can rest assured with Reflective Apparel, that your company’s employees or client’s employees will be safe and secured with our apparel and uniforms since you are ordering directly from the manufacturer.

What Types of Wholesale Workwear Do You Offer?

Reflective Apparel offers many options to choose from for your wholesale reflective clothing, including wholesale work shirts, hoodies, workwear jackets, sweatshirts, safety vests with pockets, polo shirts, and more wholesale high visibility clothing for your company. Browse our safety products using our filter menu to find the perfect product for your company. We also offer windbreakers, wholesale jackets, high visibility hats, and safety hardhats.

Do You Offer Both Men and Women’s Work Clothing?

Reflective Apparel offers both men and women’s work clothing. Our product catalog includes workwear jackets, uniforms, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, and various other options and wholesale categories for your to browse through. We hope you find the perfect wholesale workwear and clothing for your company and work environment.

What Features Are Available for Wholesale High Visibility Clothing?

Reflective Apparel offers a variety of features and options including moisture-wicking properties, custom mesh vests with multiple pockets and zippers, wholesale polo shirts, hi vis shirts, headwear, waterproof hi vis clothing, and more workwear for your company and brand.

Do You Offer Bulk Workwear Wholesale Orders?

Reflective Apparel offers bulk workwear wholesale orders. You can purchase any of our items from the product pages with any quantity of safety work wear that you need for your company or job. You can become a distributor here.

Bulk Wholesale Reflective Clothing For Sale

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Which Industries Do You Work with As a Wholesale Supplier?

We supply wholesale hi vis workwear to various industries including construction wholesale reflective clothing, logistics, roadwork, railwork / freight, public safety, and more. Browse our collections in our menu for our industry product selections including our top-rated construction vests and shirts in bulk with wholesale prices. We want to be your hi vis wholesale supplier for work clothing and safety gear that gets the job done. We work with various distributors as available on our distributor map. You are welcome to browse our network of distributors and ask about our experience as a wholesale workwear supplier.

Wholesale Hi-Vis Workwear

Browse our wholesale reflective clothing for sale online to find the right product for your company and workers.