Traffic Safety Vests and Apparel

Road safety is tough, dangerous work. We appreciate our road workers, traffic control men, and the companies leading them. Explore Reflective Apparel's traffic safety vests, road safety jackets, pants, and clothing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are X-Back Traffic Vests And Shirts Required For Traffic Safety?

X-Back safety vests and shirts are generally not required in the roadwork industry. However, some state DOTs require X-backs so that oncoming traffic can determine if the employee has his/her back to you. For optimal safety, protection, and visibility, especially in high-traffic areas, it may be recommended to let everyone on and around the job site know that an employee is not facing them and may not be aware of their vehicle or moving equipment.

What Materials Are Your Reflective Safety Vests Made Of?

Reflective Apparel products designed for roadwork and traffic safety are created with breathable and lightweight mesh polyester, ensuring comfort for workers. Our polyester and reflective tapes are key materials offering high protection even in low light conditions. Specific roadwork clothing materials include:

Traffic Safety Clothing and Road Work Clothing Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight & Soft 4.1oz Performance Fabric
  • 100% Polyester 140 gsm Birdseye Knit
  • Moisture Management Wicking - Wicks Moisture 3X faster than Cotton and Minimizes Odor
  • 300D Oxford Woven 200gsm 100% Polyester Outer Shell with Waterproof & Breathable Coating
  • 100% Knit Polyester Mesh Sleeved Vest
  • Two-Tone High Visibility Fluorescent Lime & Black
It is critical that our materials are of the highest quality to keep both pedestrians and traffic workers safe with our hi vis clothing. With decades of experience in traffic, rail, and construction industries where accidents can happen, we appreciate your trust in Reflective Apparel.

What Features Are Available for Your Traffic Vests and Road Work Safety Clothing?

Our traffic vests and safety clothing have features designed for functionality and comfort. From pocket placements for easy access to tools to crew neck designs for a snug fit, our products are tailor-made for highway workers and those in the traffic industry.

Traffic Safety Clothing and Road Work Safety Clothing Features

  • High Visibility Pants with Elastic Waist and Drawstring
  • High Visibility Pants with Snap Adjustable Ankle and Extra Long Ankle Zipper
  • 5 Point Breakaway Vest (Shoulders-Sleeves, Sides, and Front)
  • Breakaway Zippers
  • D-ring Pass through for Fall Protection
  • Mic Tabs for Radios or Badges
  • Internal and External Pockets
  • Cell Phone & Pen/Pencil Chest Pockets
  • Parka Style Jackets with Zippers
  • Sealed Seams
  • Detachable Hoods with Drawstrings
  • Insulation
  • Hook & Loop Waist Pockets, Cuffs, and Closures
We manufacture all of our hi vis reflective work and traffic clothing in the USA. You can view each item to see its features, materials, and certifications. We must provide pedestrian safety and protection for all workers on any job site, especially in situations with oncoming traffic both in the daylight and nighttime. Please shop our safety gear in our store above. You can sort orders and products with the filter menu on the left-hand side to sort by size, color, and product type.

Traffic Safety Clothing

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