High Visibility Hats & Accessories

Explore high visibility accessories and hi vis hats from Reflective Apparel. High visibility hats and accessories that you can rely on for any job site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Headwear Products ANSI Compliant?

Yes, we offer ANSI hi vis hats and headwear, as well as non-ANSI high visibility hats, hard hats, and accessories.

What Types of High Visibility Hats Do You Offer?

Reflective Apparel offers different options for hi vis hats, including hi vis baseball caps, ranger hats, beanies, and hard hats. Our headwear and workwear are designed with safety and protection in mind, so you never have to worry about safety on the job.

Our workwear is made and distributed worldwide as safety gear that can be trusted. Not only do we offer hi vis headwear, hardhats and accessories, but we also provide protection with high-visibility sweatshirts, hoodies, and more for you to select appropriate options for your company.

What Sizes Do You Offer for Your Hi Vis Hats?

We offer regular and jumbo size high visibility hats. You can use the filters on the left-hand side to further filter the products to find your perfect fit. Some of our hi-visibility hats are adjustable, or one-size fits most.

What Types of High Visibility Accessories Do You Offer?

Our high visibility accessories include attachable hoods, safety neck shades, reflective strips and tapes, ID pouches, safety gaiters and leg covers, hard hats, baseball caps, beanies, and more! You can browse and filter additional products with our filter menu to the left to file down to the exact type of hi-vis product you need.

High Visibility Accessories

Our workwear and hi vis accessories are in stock for your protection.

What Features Do Your Hi Vis Hats Offer?

Reflective Apparel has many options for hi vis caps, including the following features:
  • Baseball Caps With Cotton Sweatband Mesh Side Panels
  • 1 Size Fits Most Hi-Vis Hats
  • 360 Degree Reflective Coverage
  • Hard Hat Accessories
  • High Visibility Beanies and Winter Hats
  • We appreciate the opportunity to work with great companies who desire high-quality work gear and safety wear.

    Hi Vis Winter Hats and Beanies

    We provide high-visibility beanies and hi-vis winter hats.

Which Industries Do You Work With?

Reflective Apparel works with various industries, including construction, logistics, rail and freight work, roadwork, traffic safety, public safety, and other hi visibility industries. Our high visibility accessories and hats can handle your job site and protect your workers. Our high visibility clothing can withstand strong weather and various light conditions.


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