Safety Rain Gear

High visibility rain jackets, rain gear, rain jackets, suits, and safety rain coats for high performance companies and workers. Selecting breathable rain gear and pants for wet and rainy conditions is critical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Your Safety Rain Jackets and Safety Rain Gear Meet ANSI Standards?

Yes, we offer rainwear with both ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 compliance, with the option for customizing your safety wear with your brand, logo, or text. We recommend ink transfer rather than embroidery, as needle penetration around the logo will cause water to leak, impairing protection. Waterproof jackets are seam-sealed to keep you dry. You can browse our waterproof and water-resistant safety gear, jackets, safety vests, sweatshirts, and other rainwear with the filter menu on the left-hand side to find the perfect fit for your workers, company, business, and job site.

Can Your Hi-Vis Work Jackets And Coats Handle Harsh Weather Conditions?

Determining the CLO value, or jacket insulation, is contingent upon the temperature, wind, energy expended, and type of work the employee is doing. Our 433STLB is 3M Thinsulate, engineered for the coldest of temperatures. See technical data sheet for additional details. Our 3M work jackets and safety coats are specifically designed to handle the tough weather conditions. Made with durable materials and advanced fabric, they have excellent protection against cold, wind, rain, and snow. Here are the features that make our jackets and coats stand out:

Safety Raingear and Jacket Features and Benefits

  • Waterproof jackets can handle torrential rain.
  • Wind resistance adds protection against biting winds, keeping you warm.
  • Insulated jackets keep you warm during cold days and nights.
  • Breathability keeps you comfortable, even with robust protection.
  • Durability: Our materials are strong and resistant to tearing and abrasion, making it perfect for any job site.
With our jackets and rain coats, you can confidently tackle your tasks without the weather getting in your way.

How Best To Layer High Visibility Clothing For Rain Weather Conditions?

When working in demanding environments such as the airline, rail, or construction industry, safety and compliance are paramount. This is especially true when selecting workwear that keeps you safe during adverse weather conditions. Ensuring workers are equipped with the right safety rain gear and safety rain suits is vital. While seemingly straightforward, layering involves understanding systems and the science behind best practices. This ensures that workers remain both productive and safe, experiencing the full benefits of each piece of apparel.

Rain Coat and Jacket Layering for Cold and Rainy Conditions

Coat and jacket layering, in particular, is essential when facing rainy weather. Let’s delve into the best practices for layering in cold weather, encompassing base work shirts, safety vests, bomber jackets, parkas, and more:

Base Layer: The base layer should be made of moisture-wicking fabrics, sitting closest to the skin. These fabrics remove sweat from the skin, keeping the body dry and regulating temperature. Avoid fabrics like cotton, which absorb sweat and become heavy. Terms such as "thermal-lined" and "breathable" will guide you to the best moisture-wicking hi vis rain gear, including pants and tops.

Middle Layer : This insulating layer aims to trap and retain body heat. Wool and fleece sweatshirts and jackets are excellent insulators. Fleece keeps workers warm and dries rapidly if damp. Down and synthetic insulated jackets add more weight to this layer but will require an outer shell, like a parka jacket or raincoat, to protect against wind and rain.

Outer Layer: The outer layer, or shell, shields the body from various weather conditions. This should be wind, rain, and snow-resistant. Waterproof and water-resistant rainwear are essential. Safety rain jackets and parkas should have an ANSI class compliance label to ensure maximum safety for keeping employees visible. Understanding layering in cold weather is pivotal for workers to stay safe, comfortable, and efficient on the job. At Reflective Apparel, our 3-in-1 Systems Gear is ingeniously designed with interchangeable parkas, jackets, and sweatshirts. Knowledge of the function of each layer ensures that workers can make informed decisions in different situations.

Are Your High Visibility Safety Rain Jackets Insulated And Water-Resistant?

Yes, many of our products, including safety rain jackets and parka jackets, are insulated and water-resistant, ensuring maximum comfort and protection for workers in various weather conditions.

Are Your High Visibility Safety Rain Pants Adjustable?

Many of our items, including the safety rain pants, offer adjustability features to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for the wearer.

Do Your Rain Suits and Pants Get Hot?

While our rain suits and high visibility rain pants are designed to be breathable, they might get hot in extreme conditions. However, their primary function is to ensure safety and protection from the elements.

What Features Do Your High Visibility Rain Gear, Pants, and High Visibility Jackets Have?

Our high visibility rain gear (hi vis rain gear), pants, and jackets may include the following features:
  • Waterproof: Ensures maximum protection against rain.
  • Lightweight: Provides comfort without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Sealed Seams: Prevents water infiltration.
  • Zippers: For easy wear and removal.
  • Metal Snap Closure: Provides a secure fit.
  • Vented Back for Increased Breathability: Ensures the gear remains breathable.
  • Adjustable Sculpted Hood with Extended Bill and Contoured Vented Sides: Customizable for optimal fit and protection.
  • 3M Reflective Material: Enhances visibility in low-light conditions with its reflective tape.
  • 2 Slash Pockets at the Waist: Convenient storage options.
  • Cell Phone Pocket: For easy access to phones.
  • Pants have elastic waistband with drawstring: Ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Multiple Pockets: For additional storage.
  • Parka Style Jackets: Offers more coverage.
  • Detachable Hoods: Provides versatility in styles and options.
Click onto each product to explore its features, materials (such as polyester or 3M Reflective Materials) and additional details and documents such as its certifications.

What Sizes Are Your High Visibility Rain Gear And Jackets Available In?

Our high visibility rain gear and jackets are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, from small to 8XL, ensuring a suitable fit for everyone.

What Colors Are Available For High Visibility Rain Jackets, Coats, and Safety Gear?

Our high visibility rain gear and safety gear comes in yellow / lime, hi-vis orange, black bottom safety jackets, and occasionally red bottom parka targeted to fire departments. Contrast in colors can help enhance your visibility.

What Types of ANSI Retroreflective Materials Are Available?

The reflective materials in use generally fall into 2 categories – open cell / glass bead, or closed cell / prismatic products. On garments, the open cell / glass bead product is the most common. An example would be the 3M™ Scotchlite™ Materials. Glass beads are actually very small pieces of glass captured in an adhesive layer.

Safety Rain Gear

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