Hi-Vis Softshell Jackets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Soft Shell Safety Jackets ANSI Class 3 Compliant?

Yes, we offer ANSI Class 3 compliant high visibility jackets, including Soft Shell Safety Jackets. We also provide non-ANSI clothing options for those requiring different safety specifications.

What Colors and Sizes Are Available for our Hi Vis Softshell Jacket?

Our Hi Vis Softshell Jackets, perfect for customization, are available in lime/black. The color block design is ideal for hiding dirt and soil around the stomach area. Sizes range from small to 5XL, ensuring a fit for every worker. We find that our Non-Ansi black Soft Shell, 451CTBK, makes a fantastic safety award for employee recognition.

Black Hi Vis Softshell Jacket

Our Black Hi Vis Softshell Jacket combines style with safety, featuring durable, water-repellent fabric and reflective materials for enhanced visibility.

Lime/black color blocked Hi Vis Softshell Jacket

Our Lime/black Hi Vis Softshell Jacket is a popular choice for its bright, high-visibility color and reflective properties, ideal for ensuring safety in low-light conditions.

What Features Are Available for Soft Shell Safety Jackets?

Our Soft Shell Safety Jackets are designed with various features to ensure maximum safety, comfort, and functionality. Available in various styles, each jacket includes the following key features:

Soft Shell Safety Jacket Features and Benefits

  • ANSI/ISEA Type R Class 3 Compliant: Ensures high visibility and safety compliance.
  • Water-Repellent Outer Material: Offers protection against wind and damp conditions.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material: Enhances visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Fleece Lining: Provides warmth and comfort in colder weather.
  • Breathable, Waterproof, and Windproof TPU Membrane: Ensures comfort in various weather conditions while maintaining body temperature.
  • Form-Fitting Athletic Cut: Offers a modern, comfortable fit without compromising movement.
  • Zip Closure with Tunnel Collar: Adds extra protection against the elements.
  • Multiple Pockets: Including zippered slash pockets and a cell phone pocket for convenience.

What Fabrics and Reflective Materials Do You Use For High Vis Softshell Jackets?

Our High Vis Softshell Jackets are crafted using premium fabrics and reflective materials to ensure the highest quality and performance. The key components that make our jackets durable and highly visible in various work environments are detailed below.

Our High Vis Softshell Jacket Reflective Materials

  • 100% Polyester Woven Fabric: Durable and comfortable, suitable for various work environments.
  • TPU Laminate Film: Provides a waterproof and windproof barrier while maintaining breathability.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material - 8906 Silver Fabric Trim: Offers high visibility and reflective performance.
  • 3.1 oz Woven Polyester Pongee with PU Coating: Ensures water repellency and durability.
  • 11.7 oz Fleece Lining: Offers insulation and comfort in cooler temperatures.
  • 3 Layer 10 oz Fabric Construction: Balances protection and comfort, suitable for extended wear.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material 5510 Segmented Home Wash Trim: Lightweight, flexible, and maintains high visibility after multiple washes.

What Customization Options Are Available For High Visibility Soft Shell Jackets?

Customization options include adding your company logo and text on the jacket, making it ideal for corporate branding and enhanced professional appearance. Reflective logos look especially nice on this upscale design.

Custom High Visibility Soft Shell Jacket For Your Company

We offer customization services for our High-Visibility Soft Shell Jackets, including logo and text printing. These are perfect for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility, security, and team spirit.

What Industries Do You Work With?

We cater to various industries: transportation, warehousing, telecommunications, and public safety. Our jackets are designed to meet the specific safety requirements of each industry, ensuring comfort and durability for long hours on the job.

Do Your Hi Vis Softshell Jackets Have UV Protection?

Our Hi Vis Softshell Jackets, along with our high vis bomber jackets, are designed with materials that offer UV protection, ensuring the safety and comfort of the wearer in various outdoor conditions.

What Makes Your Soft Shell Safety Jacket Great?

The design and style of the Soft Shell jacket are much like those found in retail high-end brands. Today’s employees want style, comfort, and image when representing their company while staying safe.

What Are The Benefits of a High Vis Softshell Jacket?

The benefits of our High Vis Softshell Jackets, also known as lightweight safety jackets, include enhanced visibility, weather protection.water repellent, breathability, and durable construction, making them ideal for various work environments.

How Durable Is Your Hi Vis Softshell Jacket?

Our Hi Vis Softshell Jackets are extremely durable, designed to withstand harsh working conditions and maintain high performance over time.

What Are Your Hi Vis Softshell Jackets Used For?

Our Hi Vis Softshell Jackets are used in industries requiring high visibility and safety, such as construction, telecommunications, logistics, and public safety, ensuring the wearer's protection in various work environments.

How Do You Wash Your Soft Shell Safety Jacket?

To wash our Soft Shell Safety Jackets, machine wash with like colors in cold water on a delicate cycle using mild detergent. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners. Tumble dry on low heat and remove immediately. Do not iron or dry clean. Regular washing is recommended to maintain the jacket's high visibility and reflective properties.