High Visibility Safety Vests

High visibility safety vests made for high performance companies and workers. Reflective Apparel's vests are designed for construction, roadwork, railroad safety, traffic, and more. Our options for hi vis vests include vests with pockets, ANSI class 2 and 3, colored vests, and big & tall sizes.

Safety Vests

Safety vests are an important part of any company that needs to keep employees safe on the job site.

Hi Vis Safety Vests

There are many ways hi vis safety vests contribute to your company! The primary benefit to hi vis safety vests is the protection and high visibility they provide to employees of your organization regardless of the industry, whether construction, warehouse, logistics, road work, or other reflective safety industries.

What Are High Visibility ANSI Vests?

High-visibility ANSI vests, also known as American National Standards Institute vests, are specialized safety garments designed to maximize the wearer's visibility in various work environments, particularly those with low-light conditions or high-risk settings. These vests adhere to stringent industry standards set by the ANSI, ensuring optimal visibility and safety for the wearers. The high-visibility feature of these vests is achieved through the use of bright fluorescent colors, typically neon yellow or orange, combined with reflective strips. This combination significantly enhances the wearer's visibility during daylight, low light, and nighttime conditions, mitigating the risk of accidents in areas with moving equipment or vehicles. Additionally, ANSI vests have specific design requirements, such as the amount of the reflective material, placement, and width. These requirements are crucial for compliance with ANSI standards, ensuring maximum safety for the wearer.

What Are The ANSI Standards For High Visibility Vests?

The ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards for high-visibility vests encompass specific guidelines related to the design, materials, and reflective components used in hi vis safety vests, ensuring their effectiveness in enhancing visibility and safety for workers in diverse environments, such as construction sites and roadwork zones. These standards, defined by the American National Standards Institute, ANSI, require high-visibility vests to have a specific amount of retroreflective and hi vis fluorescent material to ensure optimum visibility in daylight and low-light conditions. Hi vis reflective tape is a crucial aspect of these standards, as it must adhere to strict requirements for retroreflective performance, placement on the vest, and durability. The hi vis materials used in the vests must meet stringent color and luminance requirements to maximize visibility. ANSI standards dictate the design aspects of high-visibility vests, including the layout and coverage of the reflective tape to ensure it provides 360-degree visibility. This meticulous approach aims to promote hi vis safety and reduce the risk of accidents in hazardous work environments. Compliance with these standards is crucial for workers' safety and essential for meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring workplace safety regulations are efficiently met.

Class 1 Safety Vests

Class 1 safety vests are designed to provide basic visibility and safety, featuring lightweight construction with added pockets for convenience, making them suitable for environments with moderate visibility enhancement. These vests are often used in areas where workers may be exposed to traffic not exceeding 25mph, or in environments with ample separation between the worker and the vehicle traffic. The added pockets provide practical storage space for small tools and personal items, adding to the functionality of the vest. The vests' vibrant colors and reflective strips significantly increase visibility, especially in low-light conditions, ensuring that workers are easily identified.

Class 2 Safety Vests

Class 2 reflective safety vests offer enhanced high-visibility features, often including customization options and additional reflective tape, making them ideal for environments where increased visibility and customization are essential for the wearers' safety. These vests are designed to provide wearers with a higher level of visibility in low-light conditions or high-traffic areas. The use of fluorescent materials combined with reflective tape makes Class 2 vests stand out in various work environments, making it easier for individuals to be noticed by others, especially in dimly lit settings. The customization options available for these vests allow for personalization based on specific job requirements or individual preferences. This can include options for adding logos, names, or specific color preferences, enhancing the overall safety and identification of wearers. Class 2 vests are particularly suitable for construction sites, road maintenance crews, surveyors, and utility workers, where the need for high visibility and the ability to distinguish between different teams is vital for safety and efficiency.

Class 3 Safety Vests

ANSI class 3 safety vests represent the highest level of visibility and protection, available in premium styles, various sizes, and colors, often incorporating extensive reflective tape, catering to the needs of individuals working in environments where maximum visibility and safety are paramount. The premium styles of Class 3 vests offer functionality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that individuals can confidently perform their duties while looking professional. These vests are available in diverse sizes, accommodating the different body types of wearers, and a wide range of colors to suit various work environments and personal preferences. The extensive reflective tape on these vests plays a vital role in ensuring that wearers remain visible in low-light or high-traffic situations, providing a crucial layer of protection in hazardous work environments.

What Industries Use Safety Vests?

Safety vests are prevalent in various high-visibility industries, including construction, emergency services such as EMS, police, and fire departments, transportation, and logistics, where they serve as crucial personal protective equipment, ensuring the safety and visibility of workers across diverse occupational settings. In construction, safety vests are a standard requirement to enhance worker visibility and minimize the risk of accidents in busy worksites. Emergency service personnel rely on high-visibility vests to remain visible during rescue operations and emergency response situations. Within the transportation and logistics sectors, safety vests play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of workers involved in traffic management, warehousing operations, and outdoor logistics activities.


Safety vests are extensively utilized in the construction industry, particularly by construction workers and roadwork crews, to ensure heightened visibility and safety, focusing on incorporating reflective materials and compliance with DOT regulations for roadwork settings. These vests play a crucial role in keeping workers visible and protected on construction sites and along roadways. They are designed to meet specific DOT regulations, which mandate the use of high-visibility apparel in certain work environments. Through the integration of reflective materials such as tapes and strips, safety vests enhance the visibility of the wearer, especially in low-light conditions or areas with heavy machinery. This is essential in preventing accidents and maintaining a safe working environment.

Road Work

Road crews and traffic controllers rely on safety vests as vital protective gear in roadwork environments, ensuring their visibility and safety through reflective tape and high-visibility components, contributing to public safety and effective traffic management. These safety vests, often constructed in fluorescent colors such as neon orange or lime green, serve as a critical visual marker for road crews and traffic controllers, especially in low-light or high-traffic situations. The incorporation of reflective tape further enhances their visibility by reflecting light from vehicles or other light sources, ensuring they remain noticeable even from a distance. The use of high-visibility features, such as reflective strips, piping, or bands, ensures that these personnel are easily distinguishable, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the efficiency of traffic control measures. Road construction sites and highways are inherently hazardous environments, and these safety vests play a crucial role in mitigating the associated risks, thereby safeguarding the well-being of road crews, traffic controllers, and the general public.

Emergency Services

Emergency services personnel, including EMS, fire department, and police, rely on safety vests to ensure their visibility and safety during critical operations and emergency responses, emphasizing the essential role of safety vests in protecting these dedicated professionals in high-risk scenarios. When responding to emergencies, these professionals often find themselves in challenging environments, where visibility is crucial for their safety and those they are assisting. Safety vests play a vital role in ensuring they are easily identifiable in chaotic situations, allowing them to focus on their duties without worrying about their visibility to others in the area. The use of high-visibility colors and reflective materials on the safety vests significantly enhances the visibility of these personnel, especially in low-light conditions or adverse weather. This visibility is critical for preventing potential accidents and ensuring they can carry out their duties with the highest level of safety.


The transportation sector, including logistics and freight work, incorporates safety vests as essential protective gear to enhance the visibility and safety of workers within this high-visibility industry, ensuring their well-being and security in diverse transportation settings. Safety vests play a pivotal role in transportation, where workers are often exposed to various risks, including heavy machinery and moving vehicles. These vests come in vibrant high-visibility colors and are adorned with reflective strips, making them an essential tool for workers in low-light or high-traffic environments, such as warehouses, loading docks, and construction sites. With the ability to alert drivers and equipment operators to the presence of workers, safety vests act as a crucial preventive measure against accidents and collisions. They comply with industry standards and regulations, underscoring their importance in maintaining a safe work environment in the fast-paced world of transportation and logistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Hi Vis Vests ANSI Compliant?

We offer high visibility ANSI safety vests and non-ANSI vests. The ANSI compliance and class (ANSI Class 2, Class 3, or Type R) are under each product. You can learn more here about ANSI ISEA.

What Features Do Your Safety Vests Offer (Solid, Mesh, Zippers, Pockets, Surveyor)

When selecting a vest, decide if the job requires a breakaway or non-breakaway vest. The second decision is whether it should be class 2 or class 3.

Breakaway vests have historically come with hook and loop closures. Reflective Apparel stocks high-end vests featuring a nonlocking breakaway zipper !!!

Finally, the number of pockets drives a vest decision, with surveyor vests having the most pockets, and many include large document or tablet pockets.

We offer various safety vest options, including safety vests with pockets, zippers, and more. We provide a variety of safety colors (lime / yellow and orange) for you to browse. We also offer two-tone safety vests in both lime and orange. You can see additional details under each product, such as if it’s a breathable mesh safety vest or a surveyor vest with additional pockets and other features.

Custom High Visibility Vests and Safety Vests

Browse our custom high visibility safety vests that include your brand logo and image!

Do You Offer High Visibility Construction Vests?

Yes, we do offer safety vests for construction work. Our hi vis vests are great for construction, but they are not limited to being just construction workwear. They are great for traffic safety, public safety, rail/freight, and logistics work.

High Visibility Vests For Construction, Public Safety, Roadwork, Traffic Safety, Logistics and More

We cater to various industries, including the following:
  • Construction Safety Vests
  • Logistics Warehouse Safety Vests
  • Roadwork / DOT / Traffic Safety Vests
  • Public Safety Vests
  • Railroad Safety Gear and Safety Vests

Hi Vis Safety 5 Point Breakaway Vests

Breakaway safety vests keep you safe.
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Hi Vis Surveyor Vests for Protection and Safety on The Job

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What Reflective Vests Do You Recommend For Construction Work?

We recommend our best safety vests for construction safety clothing. If you need high visibility clothing designed with safety in mind, Reflective Apparel’s product catalog is designed for you.

What Materials Do Your Safety Vests Use?

Our safety vests use breathable mesh fabrics.

Are Your Hi Vis Vests Great For Traffic Safety?

Yes, our reflective safety vests are designed for use in traffic and road safety, and various industries where work safety is critical.

How To Wash Hi-Vis Vests?

Machine wash, with like colors in cold water on a delicate cycle.

You may use a mild detergent.

No Bleach or Fabric Softener!

Tumble Dry on low heat. Remove immediately. Do not Iron. Do not dry clean.

When you machine launder your high visibility clothes and traffic safety vests, try to avoid adding garments with a rough finish to the wash. The microscopic glass beads on the reflective tape can be worn off by the rough treatment. Turn the garments inside out . Avoid fabric softeners as the fats from softeners negatively impact the breathability and wicking of the apparel.

If you line dry your garments you will extend the life of the reflective tape. If you choose to machine dry, try to remove the garment immediately. The added heat of the garment against the drum, with other hot clothes piled on can damage the reflective tape. Tumble dry low is recommended.

Our polyester garments do not bleed, but other dark garments may. This may cause a slight reduction in the intensity of fluorescent color. Try to wash the garments with other light color fabrics.

Do not forget to wash your safety vests! We know you love to throw them in the truck and forget about them. The dirt from workwear can diminish the intensity of the fluorescent color. You want the color to be as visible as possible so the vest can be effective.

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