High Visibility Short Sleeve Shirts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Your Hi Vis Short Sleeve Shirts ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 Compliant?

Yes, we offer a wide range of high vis shirts, including both ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 compliant hi vis short sleeve shirts, ensuring adherence to the American National Standards Institute's guidelines for high visibility clothing. Our selection is designed and engineered for various safety environments, providing both ANSI-compliant options for rigorous safety standards and non-ANSI compliant and enhanced vis options for less stringent safety requirements.

What Colors and Sizes Are Available for High Visibility Short Sleeve Shirts?

Our high visibility short sleeve shirts are available in vibrant orange and lime colors, enhancing visibility and safety. These bright-colored work shirts come in a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all body types. The two-tone lime black tee is a best seller, offering the benefit of hiding dirt and soil at the bottom of the lower shirt.

Orange Hi Vis Short Sleeve Shirts

Our orange hi vis short sleeve shirts are designed for maximum visibility and safety, meeting industry standards for high visibility clothing. They are ideal for construction, roadwork, and other industries requiring employee safety.

Lime/Yellow Hi Vis Short Sleeve Shirts

Our hi vis yellow safety shirts, particularly the lime/yellow hi vis short sleeve variants, offer excellent visibility in various lighting conditions. These shirts are ideal for ensuring safety in industries like logistics, public safety, and traffic control, where visibility is paramount.

What Features Are Available for Hi Vis Short Sleeve Safety Shirts?

Our Hi Vis Short Sleeve Safety Shirts come with a range of features designed for maximum safety, comfort, and durability. Available in various styles and sizes, the features listed below cater to diverse workplace requirements, ensuring visibility and comfort for the wearer.

Hi Vis Short Sleeve Safety Shirts Features and Benefits

  • ANSI/ISEA Type R Class 2 or Class 3 Compliance: Ensures adherence to safety standards for high visibility.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material 5510 Segmented Home Wash Trim: Offers high visibility with a segmented design for flexibility and breathability on our comfort trim shirts and polos.
  • Lightweight & Soft Performance Fabric: Made with 4.1 oz Birdseye Knit Polyester or 3.7 oz Micro Mesh Polyester, providing comfort and durability.
  • Moisture Management Wicking: Wicks moisture 3 times faster than cotton, helping to minimize odor and keep the wearer dry.
  • UPF 35 Rating: Offers excellent protection against harmful UV rays and is suitable for outdoor work environments.
  • Pocket and Crew Neck Design: Provides practicality and comfort, with some styles featuring a left chest pocket.
  • Available in Big & Tall Sizes: Accommodates different body types, ensuring a comfortable fit for all.
  • 75 Wash Compliant: Ensures the durability of the reflective material, maintaining visibility after multiple washes.

What Fabrics and Reflective Materials Do You Use for Short Sleeve Safety Shirts?

In our short-sleeve safety shirts, we utilize a variety of high-quality fabrics and reflective materials, each selected for its specific properties to enhance safety, comfort, and durability. Below, we detail the materials available in our shirts, highlighting their unique characteristics and benefits.

Our Short Sleeve Safety Shirts Reflective Materials

  • 100% Polyester 4.1 oz Birdseye Knit: A lightweight and soft fabric for comfort and durability.
  • 100% Polyester 3.7 oz Micro Mesh: Ultra-lightweight knit fabric used in micromesh shirts for superior breathability.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material 5510: A segmented reflective material that is lightweight, flexible, and breathable on our comfort trim shirts and polos.
  • Two-Tone High Visibility Fluorescent Lime & Navy Blue Fabric: Used in polo shirts for a professional appearance while maintaining visibility.
  • Segmented Tape Design: Enhances comfort by minimizing chafing and improving breathability compared to solid tape.
  • Moisture Management Wicking Fabric: Featured in micromesh shirts for enhanced moisture control.
  • Contrasting Navy Collar, Sleeve Welt, Inner Placket, and Buttons: These are specific to the polo shirt design, adding style to the safety wear. Great for safety managers and engineers.

What Customization Options Are Available for High Visibility Short Sleeve Shirts?

Customization options for our high visibility short sleeve shirts include adding your company logo and text on the shirt, making them ideal for branding and identification in various industries.

Custom High Visibility Short Sleeve Shirts For Your Company

Enhance your company's image and ensure employee safety with our custom high visibility short sleeve shirts. In addition to these, we also provide hi vis long sleeve shirts for those requiring full arm coverage and added protection. Both options offer personalized customization, allowing you to add your company logo and text to our shirts. This feature is perfect for increasing brand visibility and is crucial for easy identification and uniformity in various industrial settings. Our customization process is designed to meet your specific branding needs while maintaining the high standards of safety and visibility of the shirts.

Do Your Hi Vis Short Sleeve Work Shirts Have UV Protection?

Yes, our hi vis short sleeve work shirts come with a UPF 35 rating, providing good protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, making them suitable for outdoor work environments.

What Makes Your Hi Vis Short Sleeve Shirts Great?

Our hi vis short sleeve shirts, including our high vis polo shirts, stand out due to their compliance with ANSI standards, offering safety and comfort. These polo shirts combine the practicality of high visibility with the professional appearance of a polo, featuring moisture-wicking fabrics, lightweight design, and are made with durable materials like 100% polyester. The reflective materials used enhance visibility in low-light conditions, making them ideal for a range of industries.

What Industries Do You Work With?

We cater to various industries, including pulp and paper, food and beverage, telecom, construction, logistics, roadwork/DOT/traffic safety, municipalities, rail safety, and public safety. Our products meet the specific requirements of each industry, ensuring the wearer's safety while providing the comfort and durability essential for long hours on the job site.

How Do You Wash High Visibility Short Sleeve Shirts?

To maintain the quality and functionality of your high visibility short sleeve shirts, follow these washing instructions:

  • Machine wash with like colors in cold water on a delicate cycle.
  • Use a mild detergent and avoid bleach or fabric softeners.
  • Tumble dry on low heat and remove immediately to prevent damage to the reflective tape.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.
  • Wash with light-colored fabrics to maintain the fluorescent color's intensity.
  • Regular washing is recommended to maintain the effectiveness of the fluorescent color.

Are Your Hi Vis Short Sleeve Shirts Suitable for Big and Tall Sizes?

Yes, we provide hi vis short sleeve shirts in big and tall sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for all body types. Our size range includes small to 8X, catering to a wide array of body sizes.

Do You Provide Hi Vis Short Sleeve Shirts with X-Back designs?

Yes, we offer hi vis short sleeve shirts with X-back designs, which provide enhanced visibility and are particularly useful in certain work environments like rail/freight.