11 Bonus High Visibility Clothing Features Employees Love

For many employees, high visibility clothing is a significant part of their daily work. Employees often spend hours in high visibility vests, shirts, pants or jackets. With high visibility clothing being such an important part of an employee’s safety and daily life, small bonus features can make a big difference.

Put yourself in the shoes (or vests) of your employees. Ask your employees what features might make their job easier or more comfortable.

Below are eleven bonus features Reflective Apparel offers on many of our high visibility products that keep employees safe and comfortable.

1. Segmented Tape High visibility tape is standard on many hi-vis garments, but segmented tape is more  lightweight, breathable, and flexible than standard retroreflective tape. Segmented tape provides high visibility, comfort, longevity, and durability.

2. Breakaway Safety Features For employees who work around moving machinery, breakaway vests and zippers are a crucial safety feature. For instance, a 5-Point Breakaway vest allows the garment to meet additional safety specs of road workers and heavy machinery operators. The non-locking zipper literally unzips itself with pressure. The hook and loop closures along the sleeves and side seams complete the breakaway.

3. Pockets In many cases, pockets are not just a nice-to-have option. Cell phone pockets, for instance, are an essential feature for today's mobile device-connected workforce. Additional bonus pockets include pen/pencil pockets, document pockets, interior pockets, and credential/ID pockets with hook and loop closures.

4. Side Snaps Side Snaps on hi-vis jackets are a comfort feature that offers up to 1” adjustability for a more secure fit.

5. Heavy Duty Mic Tab Some workers benefit from a heavy-duty mic tab on the shoulder of a vest or jacket. The sturdier the better.

6. UPF Protection For employees who work outdoors, hi-vis reflective clothing with a high UPF rating is a must to protect their skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Look for a UPF rating of 35 or higher.

7. Breathable Fabric Breathable fabric is a great feature for all hi-vis clothing, from vests to shirts to pants to jackets. Breathable fabric allows perspiration to escape. This prevents damp clothing, which is uncomfortable in both warm and cold weather situations.

8. Wicking Fabric Hi-vis reflective apparel made of performance fabric wicks away moisture and minimizes odor.

9. Sealed Seams Sealed seams prevent water penetration for maximum protection against the elements. The 431STLB Safety Jacket is an example of a parka coat that uses sealed seams in conjunction with breathable waterproof fabric to keep employees dry and warm.

10. Drawstrings Drawstrings on a hood, wrist hem or pant hem can go a long way in keeping out the cold, adding to employee comfort. 

11. D-Ring Pass-Through Although not required, a D-ring pass through increases the comfort of wearing a safety harness.

These are just some of the bonus safety features that benefit employee safety. Do you need help finding the right high-quality, high-visibility safety apparel for your employees? Reach out to the Reflective Apparel team to get started.



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